Research for the Caption Boards

Research for the Caption Boards ………….

Typical Caption Board

Researching the background information for captions to our exhibits presents one of the most interesting and demanding part of our work.  It is usually done off-site and I am one of the members who devotes a lot of time to this activity, especially now that health issues prevent me from attending regularly.

I am fortunate to have an extensive reference library plus an enquiring mind, and am old enough not to take everything I read, or see on the internet, as gospel!  A myth repeated several times can soon appear as fact.  First-hand accounts can be priceless but, even then, a degree of caution is needed to allow for memory distortion – especially with age.

We have large files for most our aircraft but there is insufficient room for all the information to appear on the caption boards.

If you think you have spotted an important omission it is always appreciated if you let us know, as is the same for all of our exhibits, because we like to provide a detailed write-up for our visitors so as to cater for all levels of interest.

Author :: Ian Hancock

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