Restoration of Auster VX123

Auster AOP.6/T.10 VX123 …………..

Auster VX123 under restoration

Last year we received by donation the incomplete remains of Auster AOP.6/T.10 VX123 – ex Army Air Corps; it had been converted to a Beagle Terrier as G-ARLP.

John Self is team leader on the project to produce a static exhibit.  This follows his remarkable assembly of our Boeing Stearman PT-27, based around the damaged fuselage frame of FJ801 with components from several other aircraft.

Drawings are scarce but work is progressing steadily, with items coming from various sources.

A DH Gypsy Major engine in any condition would be welcomed.

The result will be a static exhibit.

Author ::  Ian Hancock

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