Update from the NASAM Archives

Update from the Archives 7th Aug 2017 …………..

  1. The first 445 books from the Alan Forman collection now on the data base. 
  2. A small piece of the German Airship shot down at Cuffley in WWI is now on display.
  3. A collection of unit badges donated by Peter Scott has been mounted and put into Room 3.
  4. A very unusual set of RAF recruiting items, including beer mats, have been donated.
  5. A Luftwaffe Officers Ceremonial Dagger, in very good condition, is also now on display in Room 3.
  6. Finally, The Alan Garrod archive, mostly paperwork, but including a piece of deck timber from Tirpitz alongside a piece of concrete from the Bielefeld Viaduct, both mounted on a small wooden plate.  Mr Garrod being on both operations, and which resulted in both targets being hit and destroyed.


Author :: Paul Holmes


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