Captain Basil Graham Homfrey Keymer DFC .. 47 Squadron tricolour

Captain Graham Keymer DFC .. 47 Sqn ………….

Wooden Bible Box


In 1919, volunteer personnel from 47 Squadron RAF were deployed to fight the Bolsheviks and served briefly with White Russian forces.  A casualty was Captain Basil Graham Homfrey Keymer DFC when the bombload on his DH9 exploded on take-off. 

A chance find on eBay secured an oak box – possibly for church bibles – with its door beautifully carved in his memory. 

This is now displayed with replicas of his British, Italian and Russian medals/awards, along with those of his father Rev. Basil Nathaniel Keymer, who also served in WWl and was a local vicar to Flixton. 

To commemorate their time in the Crimea and the colours they fought under, 47 Squadron aircrew wear a small tricolour in red, yellow and blue on their flying suits; we would very much like to acquire an example to add to our display.

Author ::  Ian Hancock         

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