Update from the Chippy Workshop (Part III)

Update from the Chippy Workshop (part III) …………..

Toy Planes Update ………

I previously said that the making of the toy aeroplanes has now finished.  The last two to be made are the Red Arrows Hawk and the Fokker Tri-plane of the Red Baron fame. 

The Red Arrows plane is on its way to Cambridge after being sold to a new pilot who we hope will enjoy flying it. 

Photos of the Construction of the Hawk

The Fokker Tri-plane, having completed its maiden test flight (see photos below) is still waiting for a pilot, so if anyone has £200 to invest in this unusual aeroplane then please contact the Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum.

Photos of the Construction of the Triplane

Author :: Barry Baxter

P.S. Ron is still keeping us going with a supply of tea and cakes.

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  • Comment received on our Facebook Page ….. “We come to the museum every week, and my two year old loves being pushed around in these planes. (I actually get the chance to read some of the information boards now!) Whoever thought of it, well done, what a brilliant idea. Likewise whoever makes them” …… Bloginfo

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