Update from the Chippy Workshop (Part V)

Update from the Chippy Workshop …..

The Chippies have been busy working on a number of projects since the last update, these include:

Toy Planes:

The Air Ambulance ride-on was damaged in the hangar.  It looks as though the plane was pushed into a solid object as the screen was badly broken.  The plane is now back in workshops for repair and modifications.  Also, visitors have said that they cannot see their children in the seat when they are pushing the plane,  so we have decided to modify the design, allowing the adult to see the child and also at the same time, raise the handle of the plane to make it more comfortable to push. 

Air Ambulance repairs and mods

In the last Blog, I said that a visitor to the museum had asked if we could make a ride-on Spitfire aeroplane for a young child.  We made the plane and photographs were sent to let them see how the finished plane looked.  They were pleased with the results and have collected the plane from the museum. 

Another plane takes off from Flixton

A visitor to the museum recently was interested in the children’s ride-on aeroplane that we use in the hangar.  Unfortunately, we haven’t any newly made aeroplanes at the moment; so the visitor said she would be quite happy to purchase the second-hand plane if we could repaint it to her specifications.  I am happy to say that the repaint has now been completed and the plane is now ready for collection.

Followed by another plane waiting in the departure area

Ken, who made the Red Arrows jet aircraft (the one that had been sold) has now made a new one.  It is in the hangar ready for children to ride on. 

Red Arrows ready

Museum Buildings:

We have some repairs to carry out on some of the museum buildings, one being the paper store (also known as the shed), it needs a new roof and internal insulation.  Work has commenced on this building. 

Garden Seats and other items for sale:

The chippy workshop ‘boys’; David, Tony and Ashley have been busy repairing the museum garden seats and are also busy making new garden seats which will be on sale at the museum.  If anyone would like a seat, an aeroplane, an owl box, a bat box or a bird box, these will all be available to purchase from the museum in the New Year.   

Garden Seats for all

Seasons Greetings:  

From all the chippy workshop ‘boys’ we would like to wish all our Blog readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Author:: Barry Baxter

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