Aircraft Inspection Platform

Aircraft Inspection Platform ……

The paint team have been looking for a better, more stable, platform from which to paint the higher parts of our exhibits for some time. A chance look at eBay by our Vice President found a genuine Aircraft Inspection Platform for sale. After discussion by the committee, it was decided to go ahead and purchase it.

The sale agreed four of us travelled down to pick it up from Everett Aero. We expected to have to spend some time dismantling it as we knew that it had been stored outside for some time.

On arrival we were fascinated to note that it was in the grounds of an Edwardian Mansion, along with about twenty aircraft and helicopters, all retired from the services, and in varying states of disrepair. Everett Aero specialise in taking in scrap airframes from the MOD and restoring them to static exhibit status for museums, companies and individuals around the world.

The platform transpired to be really easy to dismantle and load. The bulk of it pushed on castoring wheels across the muddy grass easily enough and the four volunteers were able to lift is easily on to the back of the car recovery truck that we had borrowed for the purpose.

Once tied down we set out back to Flixton and unloaded it.

Now, all we need is the weather to get better so the paint team can try out their new platform.

Author:: Steve Bell

Additional photos courtesy of Everett Aero (before & after) Everett Aero


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