Past and Present News Tickers

These are the Past and Present News Tickers ………..

Below are the past and present news tickers kept for reference purposes:

  • Dated 23rd Aug 2017 ……..  Update on the Adair Walk

    Due to the Sterling efforts of the Waveney River Trust people, the second section of Adair Walk has now been opened ….  Vistors can now enjoy a little more of nature along this walkway.

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    Author :: Pete Scott


  • Dated 10th Aug 2017 ………..  Update on the status of the Adair Walk

    Groundforce have strimmed the sides of the Adair Walk from the entrance down to the first bridge point where the walkway is still closed.  The nettles and brush have been cut back allowing visitors to again use the walkway down to the closed off gate sign.

    Author :: Peter Walker

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  • Dated 2nd Aug 2017 …………… Air Activities Day 2018 ………

    The next date in the series of Air Activities days for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts will be on Saturday 28th April 2018.  First come first served.  Details see Air Activities Day 2018

    Author :: Steve Bell
  • Dated 29th Jul 2017 ……………. Get Notifications of New Posts

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  • Dated 27 Jul 2017 …………  Joe Crowfoot passed away 27 Jul 2017

    We are saddened to have to report the death of the well known artist Joe Crowfoot who died earlier today (27th July 2017). He will be much missed by the museum and all involved with the 8th Air Force. Our thoughts are with his widow, Netti.    Author :: Steve Bell