Farewell BAPC

Farewell BAPC ……..

The museum has been a member of the British Aviation Preservation Council for a great many years, but no longer.


This isn’t quite as drastic as it sounds though. The BAPC reached its 50th birthday on Saturday 28th October and I was privileged to be there and hear several notable people speaking on various aviation preservation topics. Amongst them Sir George Cox who talked about his collection of original manufacturer’s models of their products, and Martin Withers who was captain of the first Black Buck mission to attack the runway at Stanley on the Falklands during the Falklands war. Martin mentioned quite casually that due to a mis-calculation before the mission the aircraft almost didn’t make it back due to it burning more fuel than expected.

Aviation Heritage UK


Back to the main topic, as had been announced previously the BAPC had decided that it needed to update its image, and with it the name. The British Aviation Preservation Council thus became Aviation Heritage UK on Saturday 28th October 2017, 50 years to the day since its formation.

I look forward to attending future meetings, the next being at Old Sarum in February next year.

Author:: Steve Bell

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