Dougie Melrose Collection

Addition to the “Dougie” Melrose Collection …..

A leather Irvin flying jacket worn by Dougie Melrose has been donated to the Museum.  This flying jacket will join the Mess Jacket and other exhibits that have been donated by his wife and family.  The flying jacket is a hooded version with a distinctive yellow hood (see note below).

Dougie flew operations with IX(B) Squadron in WW2, including the famous “Tirpitz” raid which finally sank the pride of the Kriegsmarine. He stayed in the service post-war and also flew again with No. 9 Squadron RAF, in Canberra aircraft. 

The Melrose Collection can be found in the RAF Bomber Command building and contains many items donated by the family, some of which are shown in the photographs below.

Melrose Collection

Author:: Paul Holmes
Flying Jacket


Note:  Hooded “Irvins” were made especially for The Fleet Air Arm, Coastal Command and Air Sea Rescue, the yellow hood proving to be an invaluable aid in helping aircrew spotting downed fliers in the sea. The hood also provided much-needed protection in the extreme weather conditions often encountered the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

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