Link Room Display Part III

Link Room Display Part III ……..

Continuing with our Link Room displays we also have two more areas of interest, these are:

Navigation Equipment.

Under the benches lining the gangways is a collection of Navigation equipment ranging from compass, map and watch, through WW2 electronics such as GEE and Loran to almost current equipment.

Some of the items of Navigation Equipment (click to enlarge)

Virtual Radar

When the area is operating there is a virtual radar display showing commercial flights in the area as symbols on a map and a list of activity over the last hour or so. Military flights show identity but not position. There is much more up there than you realise.

Virtual Radar Display (click to enlarge)


More on these items of interest in later articles.  To see previous Link Room articles click on the link below.

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Author:: Ray Kidd (the Link Team)

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